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~Oerban born.
~Family: Fang (sister)
~Luxerion resident
~"Jelloshot Princess"
~Birthdate: Oct. 6

"Come with me. Airplane. Love. This plane that flies in the sky That twirls the wind, that walks in the clouds, has taken off but I believe in you, the one miracle The only person whose hand I hold."

(Dont know if I’ll be RPing via mobile tonight or not. Had yet another really terrible lack of sleep because my parents are using power tools and sledge hammers all day while remodeling their bathroom. I think I managed to get five hours total of broken up sleep. *flops*)

"Faaaaaang~" *glomps*




((- Glomping is super effective.  The wild Fang-Mon fainted -))

"How are ya doing?" Fang spoke, smile on her face while turning to hug her younger sister. "Today’s been interesting…  I’ll give it that."

"Oh I’m okay. Day’s just getting started for me, and I’m just a little bit bored is all~" the redhead chirped. "So, what’s shakin’ with your ‘interesting’ day?" Vanille curiously inquired after her elder sister’s comment about her day.

"That’s whatcha get for sleepin’ half the day away." Fang laughed for a moment before getting serious. "It’s hell finding the right size blinds that we need, but manage to luck out somewhere else."

She held up a hand held system on her thing. “Shiny Rayquaza and Eevee.  This game…  addicting.  Other than that, just a normal day I guess.”

"Oooooh~" the ginger cooed at the cute little critter on the screen. "That Eevee thing is adorable! I’m gonna have to get this game, too… I want an Eevee! Can you tell me more about it?"

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It was not long before Hope Estheim, a symbol of life, disappeared from among the living when the Order of Salvation took over with their “saint” Oerba Dia Vanille, a symbol of death